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  • Mercury Building Products

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Fully Graded Timber Batten

Roofers Choice Blue Factory Graded Batten is produced by Vida Wood SE. Sweden’s largest independent producer of timber products and is only produced from Swedish Redwood (PNSY) or Swedish Whitewood (WPCA) at eight strategically placed sawmills. These sawmills are accredited by S.P. in Sweden (Svenska Proving) which is the Swedish equivalent of our British Standards.

  • John Brash Green Standard Traditional Battens

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John Brash Green is the traditional batten that has been used for many years and is fully graded to all aspects of BS5534:2003 with the exception of a final grade for knots and wane which must be carried out on site. John Brash Green is fully marked with according to BS5534:2003 with manufacturer, size, species and Grade. The Grade is JBG indicating that the final grade for knots and wane is required.
This is the traditional product that John Brash has led the roofing market with for years.

  • JB-RED: An Evolution in Battens from John Brash

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JB - Red

The first fully compliant batten factory pre-graded to BS5534 2003 available on the market.
With over a century’s experience, John Brash & Company Ltd is the UK’s foremost manufacturer and supplier of quality roofing battens to the construction industry. Now John Brash has developed the evolutionary JB-Red roofing batten.

  • Eastern White Cedar Shingles

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Eastern White Cedar is a consistent light or pale brown colour that bleaches naturally over time to give a distinctive silver grey ‘New England’ look.
Eastern White Cedar also has a distinctive spicy aroma.



  • Western Red Cedar Shingles

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Western Red Cedar has always been versatile, adaptable and attractive for external applications, the rich warm colour and uniformly coarse texture is very appealing and if left untreated the surface of WRC will naturally weather to a light silvery grey colour.



Batten Size mm x mm Linear Meters Per M3 Pieces Per Bundle Bundles Per Pack
19 x 38 1385.04 10 48
19 x 50 1052.63 10 36
25 x 38 xx 1052.63 10 40
25 x 50 xx 800 10 30

(xx = sizes indicate require BS standard marking)