Dry Fix & Ventilation

  • Ubbink

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UbbinkUbbink’s extensive range of ventilating, heating and roofing products combined with our expertise, delivers solutions toeven the most difficult of challenges. The UK’s first manufacturer of PVC-ue building materials, providing a service that is second to none.



  • Hambleside Danelaw

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Hambleside DanelawHambleside Danelaw is the UK market leader for its GRP flashing products, which includes the Dry Fix  system and mortar fix GRP flashings for roof and wall applications. Other products include Slate and Tile Ventilators,Dry Fix ridge systems, Eaves and Soffit, Cavity and Underfloor Ventilation products.



  • Klober Ventilation

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Klober VentilationWith growing demand for universal, low-profile tile vents, Klober has introduced the Profile Uni-Line Slate & tile Vents. Add this to the rest of  the klober range of total roof ventilation and you can see why they are market leaders in roof ventilation.



  • Glidevale Ventilation

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Glidecale VentilationVentilation of roof spaces is required by building regulations throughout the UK and Ireland. Glidevale have a comprehensive range of products designed to meet all requirements of regulations and codes of practice.
Cater for all types of tile and slate roof covering.



  • Redland Ventilation

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Redland VentilationFrom in line tile vents to dry ventilated ridge systems, Redland has the entire range of ventilation products to compliment their slate and tile ranges. Redland ventilation products are designed to suit all roofing applications without ruining the aesthetic look of the roof.



  • Marley Ventilation

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Marley Ventilation

Our Universal dry fix and ventilation accessories are compatible with all standard tiles and slates. ventilated dry ridge systems suitable for use with all standard ridges, tiles 2nd slates. The Universal Eaves Vent is designed to
provide continuous 10mm or 25mm free vent areas to roof voids. Dry Verge Systems Provides a strong, weather tight and maintenance free verge finish.